Hi guys, What an awesome streak of weather we have currently, we are very lucky . I must admit I am actually jumping ship for a few days as it is Keren’s birthday and we are heading to the east coast to chase a few salt water species. I have had a relatively quiet week this week with only the one day on the river  but had a great day running a father son hunt for two meat animals. I’m really excited to be able to offer this type of hunting to clients and fill dreams of hunting for the freezer with different families. Father, Son relationships are important to me as I had such an awesome up bringing with my Dad, it’s really good to be able to do this in such a safe environment.

Vern and his grown up boy Samuel are regular clients on the fishing scene and we have spent some good days together on local rivers. Theses guys just wanted a different experience together and to tick shooting their first deer together of the bucket list. Obviously the rewards are high when killing such an animal and the freezer is looking good for the next few months. It was great to see these guys work together as mates, family and track down several animals in which they both shot one each through out the day. Not an easy task I can tell you, there was most certainly some sore legs, scratches and tired guys in my truck on the way home but I know they have thought about it everyday since!!

Just a quick one today guys, speak next week