Hi guys,

Well we are pretty well going into summer early again this year with some quite settled days and some really warm afternoons. The next month or so should show anglers some fun and exciting fishing on both local rivers and the back country. I am itching for someone to ring up and book a quad bike trip into the headwaters of the Whanaganui, this time the past 5 years I must have been in there a few times by now. I have just got of the phone to the quad bike owners and the water is still pretty much un touched so far his season so it will be worth a look for a lucky angler.

Dry fly is indeed firing up on the right night with no wind and warm conditions. I flicked over a few rocks in the Tongas the other day and the weed produced plenty of life which will only help these excitement filled evenings. The back country will also be very close to seeing the first fish on the surface during the day, browns will be looking up early and should accept a Parachute Adams in those swirly backwaters which they love to patrol.

December is only just around the corner and we are busy with rafting days next month. The upper Tongariro opens up on the 1st of December and I was pleased to get a txt from the rafting owner yesterday which read “heaps of fish up there bro” Im not sure how many this means as he is not a fisherman but he ensures me the rivers in good shape and they are all sitting where they usually are which should make for a good few days early on.

I enjoyed a full day on the river on Monday with Colin and Tiffany from Sydney. To be honest things locally are not easy and we covered a lot of river to pick up 7 or 8 dark and mending trout . We fished down river in the riffles, blue pool area and then tramped right down through the Cliff pool. There are a few changes in this area which I am not liking and some of the good river and lies have been lost in those last big floods. The Tongariro is back to being very slimey and crossings have become quite dangerous in some areas, please take care again. I think we have had all our major floods for the year and what we are left with might be what we have for the summer. Generally the river does not huge amout of trout but as I said plenty of walking will pick you up trout of some description.

I was talking with another guide recently and he advised me that the TT was holding plenty of trout near the headwaters. The river is low and clear and many fish are spawning in the tails of the pool and can be spotted and tempted with a  forced feed fly eventually. He tells me there are also some good silver fish in here which seem to be sitting in the deeper water and add to the bag. The lower reaches are fairly light on with fish but if you get up around the Cliff pool you will start to see plenty of fish-enjoy your walk.

Picking up from Huka lodge this morning so better get my gear on and organize a bit of gear to hit the river this afternoon, looks like another perfect day out there :).

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