Hi guys,

1st of December is always a big day in the calendar for some fisherman and it certainly is one of mine as the top of the Tongariro opens and we can fish some amazing untouched water. Every year the opening week is fairly well booked from a guiding point of view and it is important to get in early to secure your spot. Yesterday the same gentleman were on the boat as last opening day and they have already booked the 1st of December 2014-it’s always that good!! Yesterday didn’t disappoint.

In my opinion there were less fish in this upper section than other years and this will simply be because of the two big floods we had couple of months back-tho they are bigger and in better condition. Some websites are saying the river is chocked with trout but this is not the case. The usual pools certainly have big numbers of fish and the top half of the river has good numbers but the lower half they are few and far between. Some pools in the upper will have 50 fish laying on spawning beds or tucked deep in the holding pools, some riffles have mending fish which are easy to catch as they are busily catching bugs to fatten for the trip down river. Generally it was a good day with good sized trout, unreal scenery, good company and a few changes in the river to keep it interesting.

Fishing in the upper river is always a great option at this time of year and will continue to be a good idea for a month or two yet. Fish are a mixed bag with some lovely fresh fish which have just arrived but as you would expect some fairly dark individuals which are still on the job of spawning -all are welcome a fish is a fish. The scenery never lets anglers down and is indeed a hit with partners and children of fisherman, if you have not rafted before or fished post card material pools this could be a trip for you.

We caught fish nymphing yesterday using heavy style bombs with small naturals in the deep slow water but also caught a good number of trout with the good old glo bug. I did not see any dry fly action but with these still warm days and evenings we should start to see the odd fish poke his nose up during the day-especially  in that upper section. The Cicadas have just started to make some noise but are still very few in numbers-hopefully we will have a good year with these critters but it will start to take a month or so for trout to switch their diets.

The anglers from yesterday were pretty good fisherman and know how to fish different styles which are productive in the Tongariro. These guys managed to get into 25 fish yesterday which for most of us is a huge amount of trout. The upper river has plenty to offer for all anglers with varying skill levels , novice anglers will do well up here also given the right water and correctly weighted gear. We have another trip scheduled for tomorrow starting nice and early so hopefully a repeat of yesterday will be in order.

Hope to see you  on the river