Hi guys,

Lovely summer conditions continue and anglers enjoy the holiday season getting onto different waters about the country but in so many cases the afternoon wind comes in and sorts the men from the boys. There are so many fishing options out there currently it is not hard to decide where to spend your day especially when looking for a different surroundings everyday for a week. With a limited amount of rain rivers are still low and clear and very accessible for most with a good fitness, wading is getting challenging on some slimy rivers especially in the backcountry.

I have had a stella run with interesting clients from so many parts of the world including Joseph from Malaysia, Natalie from France, Geoff from Australia and Derek from Auckland who has been staying in our fishing accommodation in Taupo and fishing from here most days. All with varying fishing abilities and Natalie even wore a knee brace from surgery in November which we adjusted our days to suit.

Everywhere seems to be fishing ok with the best in the Taupo district being the Tongariro. There are plenty of browns which have moved in for spawning and they are being seen in most town pools and indeed being caught by those who target them. Luckily most anglers see these fish as  precious and release the fish to continue spawning which is awesome. Rest assured they are spawning well  in certain pools up river and we should continue to see these treats still enter our rivers every summer. They really are the draw card for most anglers to the Turangi region at this time of year which is generally just regarded for it’s winter fishery. There are not many places in the world with a better wild brown trout fishery for both size of fish and numbers. Clients I have had caught the odd rainbow on their days on the river which were of reasonable size and were taken for the smoker, so there are fish in the river if you move about.

I have seen some really nice trout caught and lost in backcountry rivers with the best fish still being those maiden fish which are now built like trout on steroids and fight just as hard. Sometimes those 2 lb trout account for themselves just as well as a mature 5 or 6 lb trout. The warmer sunny days have encouraged good hatches of bugs and the Cicadas seem to be wide spread so we are able to encourage fish to the surface in the right conditions. That mirror water which you can see the bottom of the river through-that’s where to land those big terrestrial patterns to get the attention of trout sitting deep down especially at the eye of the pool.

The lakes have all fished well over the holiday period. Lake O, Lake Rotoaria and the home of trout Lake Taupo can all be described as good summer fishing currently. If it’s stalking around weedy edges you want Lake O has been very good as has Rotoaira. If you hit it right and have a big day on here you could expect up to 20 or 30 fish in the day with some fish heading past 5lb. If it’s a little more relaxed with the trolling rods out or jigging flies twitching up the reef the best might be Lake Taupo. Taupo continues to produce great eating rainbow trout with lovely orange flesh which are easy to get connected with. Jigging seems to be accounting for plenty of trout all day in the right depths, wind conditions and the right smelt patterns attached.

Another little side line to trout guiding we offer is deer hunting and with the new year broken in the freezer was getting low so we have been out and about. Derek Helliwell yesterday bagged himself some fresh venison but also caught a couple of trout all in the same day which is a new club to be in I think. I went with Dad on Wednesday and we secured a couple of deer which are hanging in the chiller for a few days, in my opinion the perfect father son day out with a real kiwi experience. Check out the deer hunting page on the website for more details if you are interested.

Still a busy time here but also the time to be on the rivers in the central north island so let me know if I can help and we will try and get you out and about.