Hi guys,

Again quite a few days between posts but like most of you I am currently pretty busy on the rivers. I have been all over the place over the past week or so but again getting remote in the backcountry has been the best option every time. The weather has continued to keep water levels at perfect levels and we are seeing some really nice fish taking from the surface or grabbing the lightly weighted nymph from the faster water.

Angler pressure has increased over the past week with kiwis well and truly in holiday mode and away from the stress of work. The Tongariro especially has a few more fisherman and walking a little way will get you away from the town pools anglers. There are some great looking browns in the Tongariro once again which will be the draw card for summer for some fisherman. Rainbows are spread out fairly well and at times are hard to catch and need to be hunted. Many anglers are catching very small juvenile trout while swinging nymphs, look after them they are fragile and the futures fish. The big brownies are by no means easy to catch. During the day these fish can sit deep in slow moving water or can be found in the lower river occasionally taking from the surface if un disturbed. Night time will always be the downfall of these lovely fish and some anglers will target them with big surface flies or dark shaggy night flies. I have seen some pictures over the last week of one angler killing 5 of these trout in two nights-why he would want over 30lb of brown trout I do not know . These fish are special, rare, exotic and a pleasure to see in the river so I would hope most anglers will enjoy seeing them let go after plenty of pictures, the rest of the world would be mortified to see these killed. We spend a lot money and time working on how to catch trout in different ways but it will all be wasted if there is nothing to catch-learn from the rest of the worlds mistakes and promote catch and release where needed.

If you are fit, adventurous and want to see some new water get out to the backcountry as you should do very well currently. There are a few rivers which get a hard time over the holiday period but if you try and get further into the river or think outside the square some good fishing can still be had. I fished two days last week with Barwin from Sydney and had good success doing just that. Armed with a #6wt rod a large terrestrial and a Quasimodo nymph we caught fish in most pools we looked at. I was surprised not to see any footprints or signs of any angling pressure and would assume the fishing was solid for this reason. Going was not easy the little river we found was hard to find, hard to wade and a mongrel to get out from at the end of the day which pretty much shredded two pairs of good waders. Fish were not huge but were in fantastic condition -maybe the largest 4lb. A good sign was the amount of small fish in the river also, every system needs these guys for the future and it’s a good reflection if the system is healthy, big things for this water in the next couple of years all going well.

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