Hi guys, Well lack of reports usually only means one thing and that’s most of my time is being spent on a river somewhere. Weather has been stunning and fishing has been productive most days especially with advanced anglers which can cover a lot of water. Most days is a bit of toss up currently as to where I go, deciding on the day has definitely been happening and we haven’t really gone wrong as yet.

All styles of angling has been working for those who can put the chosen method to good use. Dry fly has had its place on the Tongariro as has nymphing most of the day as has wet lining at night for brown trout. The back country has plenty of Cicada or dry fly action if not for some reason the nymph will account for hard to rise trout. Rivers are in great condition and travelling in the car for hours on end has not been needed.

I must admit in the last week I have travelled to National Park, Minganuie, Turangi and Napier all in pursuit for trout. Some of the water we have seen and fished has been very good and I have a more open mind to travelling to other areas if the conditions are right as the rewards can be high. In some cases a lot of walking has been needed and waders have had to be removed at lunch time on the river to let some of the sweat escape-seriously hot days especially towards Napier. All fish have been in optimum condition which can fight and pull line like I have not seen for a while, of course with such fish the landing rate is dramatically reduced.

The usual suspects have been fishing well everywhere with Cicada patterns, Split Flag Adams and Blue Humpys being my favourite on the surface. Below the realm Hare and Coppers, Green Caddis, Quasimodo’s and PT variants will account for most fish. Important to adjust rigs in different water depths or speeds, these guys must get down to them or they may go untouched at this stage of the season. I would be lying if I said it was easy, fish have seen plenty of flies this season especially easily accessed areas so treat that first cast as it was your only one as it will very often be your best chance of a strike and hook set.

There’s been some good stuff on websites lately from big fish to poaching bro talk, great stuff and all very true. I find it hard not to touch on it as it is close to my heart both big fish and anglers pushing patience and limits. I see the Waitahanui may have had some attention by locals and bro’s doing the wrong thing once again when and how it suits them and I for one can agree with concerns of travelling anglers. It seems nothing really gets done to change these guys, it happens every season and will continue to unfortunately. Sometimes its bullying tactics to make anglers move on, anglers who cant count or whanau that find excess trout laying on the edge of the bank while walking about in a wetsuit?! It happens right across the board and there are simply not enough personel in the right places to make a difference. On a positive note there has been some fantastic browns caught through out the Taupo fishery.

World class brown trout fishing continues. I have caught browns with clients on most outings over the past week and anglers have been very positive of the fishery because of them. This week two trophy fish were caught, Im sure everyone has seen them all over fishing websites, facebook and newspaper articles-funny how one fish can get so much positive attention towards a fishery because of it’s size but still it gets deemed a pest by most. Tragic that there are still old school folk who wish ill on all brown trout in the Taupo fishery as they are eating native birds and small rainbow trout destroying the runs of the also introduced rainbow. Sooooo not true, again a client kept one of these vicious creatures this week for eating and on expecting the gut content we actually found nothing at all. This has been the results time and time again. If we did not have these beautiful trout in the system there wouldn’t be much to fish for during the summer months, we are so lucky to have them and they bring smiles and excitement to many anglers on the rivers. Lucky they seem to be doing very well and the more positive we can be about them will ensure their survival as sport fish in the fishery.

The lake has been a pleasure to be on for many boat owners. Fishing has been as good as I have ever seen it with jigging and trolling taking big bags of trout. Trout are in good condition with food in their bellies so we are going to be in for yet another good season on the rivers. Weather has been fairly kind to most on the lake, it seems we can always find a bay which will be ok depending on wind direction. Jigging has been productive between 70 and 120 feet especially on those extremes drops and holes. Harling smelt patterns at first and last light will be good also especially on the Waitahanui run.

Enough for now, watch out for busy roads in Taupo this weekend with Iron man.