Hi guys,

Most anglers seem to be doing ok in most of the country either on the lakes or somewhere in the rivers. Sure, there are rivers which are fishing hard and the fish don’t seem to be taking anything  but they can be caught with a little perseverance and changing methods. Dry fly has been very good on most rivers and even some lakes with fish filling up on Cicadas and other large floaty things.

Local fishing has been ok here in Taupo with most rivers have fish in them with a select few sporting very big browns and some quite fresh looking juvenile rainbows. Tongariro has been fishing ok with most anglers throwing the dry fly dropper rig about and getting fish to chase these big patterns on the surface-very exciting fishing. The tongariro has some very good looking browns in it currently which are eating dry flies when presented and approached carefully.

Backcountry once again has been special. Angling pressure really has not been too bad and most fisheries are giving up some nice browns and rainbows. I have fished near Rotorua this week but also as far as Napier and had some really top notch dry fly while using Cicadas but also small dry patterns such as Para Adams for those hard to fool browns. I really like to mix up my week at this time of year and see some different water especially when it’s low and fishing quite well. With a good strong, fit, experienced angler the options are limitless in this country with a little knowledge. I pride myself on being an experienced angler and guide and find knowing different rivers and water a vital key to productive days with clients. There is more than one river in the area!

Options, methods should remain the same for the next month or even longer especially if the good weather continues. I expect the Cicadas will be on the banks on the river for quite some time and the fish will certainly know what they are. Browns will continue to push forward and be a target species for most but don’t be surprised if the odd early running rainbow pokes his nose in also. Dry fly in the evenings will be going into it’s prime in the next few weeks.

Tight lines