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Things have not slowed down on the work front here with most days heading out somewhere different chasing the good weather which has been with us for most of the summer it seems. All areas are still fishing well with the backcountry be low and clear and the Tongariro again living up to it’s name with lovely brown trout in the middle reaches. The browns which were easy to catch on the Cicada have now really knuckled down and are becoming harder  to catch which is a good thing. Plenty of browns spawning in the middle reaches giving us years of sport to come replacing the rainbows which are present in the winter.

Had a very good couple of days with good friend and valuable client Derek Helliwell from Auckland. Derek visits the area throughout the year upwards of 6 times and I’m always lucky enough to have him stay with us in the house and fish everyday from Taupo. It has been his goal for a couple of years now to secure a good brown trout and finally together we managed to get one from the Cattle Rustlers-infact we managed two!! A very excited and pleased client has headed back to Auckland with yet another awesome experience to remember. We found good numbers of browns and very few rainbows on our day on the Tongariro. The rainbows I have seen and lost in the river lately have been in good condition but also pretty small.

It should not take too long and we will see some good runs of fish into rivers of Taupo. Rain will be the key factor to move these fish from lake to rivers. The first to fish well will always be the northern end of the lake followed by the south end of the lake closer to the height of winter. I am really looking forward to those cool mornings and frosty starts, summer has been long and hot on the rivers this season.

As you can see from one of these photo’s of Derek you don’t need to be half way across the river to catch these wiley browns, I snuck up on this guy who was sulking in the edge out of sight of Derek.

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas