Hi guys,

Easter was a non event for most of us with wet ugly weather hitting much of the country causing problems for holiday makers and saving a few fish nation wide. Rivers remained in god condition throughout the wild weather and I wish we got a hell of a lot more as they really have not had a wash out and remain slimey and quite low. I have fished this week on the Tongariro and Hine and things are heating up for winter fishing.

There are still some very good browns scattered about the rivers but the rainbows will be coming into their own in the next few weeks. I was fishing yesterday in the lower Tongariro with a couple of Aussie clients and we did quite well hooking and landing several silver fish and a lot of smaller trout which seem to be hanging about for a long time this season. There are still a few older darker fish on their way back from the upper river, these are very late spawners from last year or maybe a resident trout which calls the river home.

Im not sure where the so called valuable , larger breading trout are this season as they are supposed to be the early runners which the fishery team are trying to introduce but have not turned up as yet. The majority of silver fish so far have been about 2 lbs and when killed and gutted they certainly have developing small eggs?? I know there are some good ones being caught at the delta so we might see them at some stage but most likely mixed in with the larger runs later on.

Glo bugs are being taken by fish in the broken water especially silver fish in the river for spawning. I have been using a lot of small naturals still and doing well on standard patterns. Many fisherman spend too much time on the last point fly while they should be worrying about leader length, depth of flies and drift!!!

Hatepe has had fish moving in quite some time now in very small groups and moving fairly quick!! Being in the right spot at the right time and first through the deeper water certainly has made the difference. Angling pressure will soon become crowded in most places most days. It takes a certain type of angler to enjoy fishing a crowded river and some tempers will be tested again this winter due to flow in anglers only out for themselves throwing any manners to the wind. The greed for fish numbers will have early birds claiming spots and camping out on the pools in the dark, nothing changes here it happens every season. A little walk in the fresh air will get you away from many and into pools which are un touched and holding as many trout.

The lake level has slowly stated to rise especially after the easter rain. River mouths will slowly become harder to fish the drop off due to the lake getting deeper and caution must be taken while trying to get that last few metres out of your cast. In saying that they will most certainly be and continue fishing well in the next few months with fish being lured in by spawning smells. If I can help kick start your winter fishing just let me know and we can work something out which will increase your numbers and enjoyment this winter!!

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