Hi guys, Well where do I to say things have been hectic would be an understatement! Things have been going well on local rivers and the hunting has as always been productive on each outing. I am glad to be an outside sort of guy over the past few weeks as I have again met some real nice guys and experienced some awesome moments which was nice to be apart of.

The local rivers have seen fish sneaking through most days especially over the dark nights and rainy mornings. I have taken some reasonable fish from the Tongariro over the past week and the odd from the Hine. The Nui has had some trout judging by the odd bent road seen driving over the bridge and the line up of “locals” at the straight in the mornings. The usual story will be told with this river -locals will punish the poor fish running in here on a strong westerly wind and bag limits will reached multiple times, every season is the same really.

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Low conditions still remain for the most part and the rain we do get seems to be getting sucked down the river and into the lake pretty quickly not leaving levels raised for long. The lake is slowly going up but it will take a good few weeks yet to get to the level which will favourable for river anglers and running trout.

Shags, in some cases wonderful things but black river shags are never much fun. The Tongariro is under the pump with these horrible creatures over the last few weeks and they seem to be filling up on the smaller trout left in the river. I must admit there has been some unfortunate ones during duck season suffering from mistaken identity. They will have an effect on your fishing, on several occasions over the past two weeks they have continuously gone through a productive piece of water which has become almost stagnant on their arrival.

Over the past few weeks clients have caught legal but quite small trout . Have actually caught two small browns full with roe over the past week which are not really biologically speaking supposed to be in the system. Early running big trout seem to be a myth and I will expect they will just show up with the main mob when they decide the conditions are right.

The hunting has been a lot of fun lately and business is heading in the right direction as a valuable add on to fishing. Last week I guided two Canadian hunting guides in our private block while they made me a short movie to promote the place. They generally hunt large Elk, White Tail, Bear and Moose but were most taken back with what we had to offer here. The video will be available on their return after many hours of editing so will post asap when received. It was just the perfect morning, through the mist the first animal we spotted was  a 12 point trophy red stag coming right at us which made for some fantastic footage. We then stalked up on a group of deer which a young red spiker was taken on camera to show viewers what it is all about and how to get in close with skillfull approach. The boys were elated to have taken a deer outside Canada and were keen to shoot more footage on the camera and hunt down a Fallow deer which is another species available here in NZ but not in Canada.

Further bush hunting found us getting right in on another good Stag and his hinds a few good seconds of videoing and they were away deep into the native and safe for another day. On the way out I stopped into a special little corner which I quite often see good Fallow deer grazing in especially in the afternoon sun and luckily we managed to find  a couple which could be stalked. Fallow deer are a majestic animal and although small- in my opinion they are the most intelligent animal with amazing eyesight and massive ears which offers great hearing capabilities. Fallow also like all things small are delightful on the dinner plate and are the pick of most wild meats by hunters.

I got the boys stalking around the ridge and undercover while the deer had their heads down feeding making sure to stay out of sight and down wind with the camera rolling the entire time. One animal presented a lovely side on shoulder shot and with a sniper experienced hunter on the rifle he dropped her no problem at a 100 yards providing us with a delicious venison supper. This was  a perfect way to end the day and the movie, it was a lovely skin which he is having mounted but also shows all of you what to expect and what is on offer with this service. I have return clients Vern and Derek coming up which are looking to fill their freezer for winter so I look forward to similar outcomes. Any questions on hunting and fishing packages please make contact and I will get back to you asap.