Hi guys,

Some really positive reports coming through over the past week following the heavy rain we received. All rivers have been running with a slight increase in volume to them but the Hine has held it’s water the best. The fish were running at a frantic pace into the Hine over the past week or so but this morning have seemed to slow up, this could be because the water level has dropped out again and back to running clear and low. Spawning fish this season for me have been small generally but still in very good condition, Wes caught the exception while with me in the middle reaches and his jack might have gone 5 lb.

The Tongariro has been slow for most and not many anglers can be found on this fishery at the moment. Sure, there are fish sneaking through most of the time but they are few and far between and seem to be moving very quickly. We really need some high water and overcast days to get these trout moving into the larger rivers, it will come. Many Tongariro anglers seem to be taking the easy out and fishing the edges of Lake O while the season still allows them to. Lake O has again had a tough time from anglers killing fish, this will reflect on the fishery in the next few years, watch this space.

I heard a positive reading from the Tauranga Taupo yesterday that it had fished very well while the extra water was holding up. The mouth has fished very well this past year and some of the better fish in the fishery have been taken here. There seems to be a real following of anglers visiting this drop off everyday and doing well at any time of the day as long as the wind is favourable. Talk about town last week was that 3 very good trout were taken and weighed from the Waitahanui. I think two were taken from the rip and one from the bridge pool which were all about 8 lb. These fish were jacks and in awesome shape and had clearly been feasting on Koura on a nearby reef. You just never know when this fishery will give up  a trophy fish, right place right time.

Mornings have been my favourite time to be on the river. The Hine has been a peaceful place for many hours lately with cold, clear, still conditions. It is a river which I love to guide on and fish on myself, few minutes from home and a river which produces well to those who spend the time getting to know it. The Hine can be described as “Snag Filled” but once you know where and how with the right depth etc it really is no worse than any other fishery. This is the pic of the rivers in Taupo for the next couple of months. Trout are known to fight with passion and spirit  in here and if caught below the bridge area will be as good as straight from the lake for fighting and eating qualities.

I guided Wes on Saturday and we had a great day picking up fish in most places we stopped. We certainly did not catch truck loads but picked one up here and there which is typical of this early in the season. The water was slightly still high and fishing a weighted hare and copper with a glo bug was great for us. We made a first light pick up and had a line in the water well before 7am our first pool was good but we lost all four due to loose line and excited trout. The day planned out perfectly and we enjoyed pretty much having the river to ourselves. I am happy that Wes experienced some early season action here as he missed out while trying to fish out of Wanaka over that wet Easter period. It was a world classed day which ran perfectly, cheers Wes!!!

Fishing will be great over the next few months