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Not much to report on the fishing front over the past week or so. We are due some rain over the weekend which will be exciting for all fisheries but its been pretty dry for the past week or so. Rivers are back to running low and are still in need of a good fresh to get things moving again, amazing what the smallest amount of rain will do at this time of year. Fish are certainly ready to go but some encouragement is needed. It’s early days compared to past seasons so don’t stress just yet, lake fished magnificent over summer and will be reflected over winter I’m sure.

Regular clients keep most guides going over the quite winter months. I am very grateful to have some loyal people in my life and with good service and business they keep coming back month after month for more adventure. Derek and Vern are prime examples of great mates which have stemmed from clients and choose to fish or hunt with me every few months. They also love staying in the accommodation we can provide as it adds to the entire few days away.

This week we spent a night in the bush hunting deer for two days. Both hunters have been with me before in this area and were keen to once again add meat to the freezer for the cooler winter months. Nothing like putting on the slow cooker in the morning on a cold day before work and returning home to Venison casserole, smell is insane!! The boys were looking to hunt three meat animals this time and it was not long before we were in the thick of them. The first day we saw and spooked 6 or 7 deer which maybe we should have taken our chances with but weren’t quite sharp enough. I had counted on shooting 1 in the first day and 2 on the second so the pressure for three animals had mounted quite quickly.

That night we enjoyed a basic feed of meat and bread washed down with fine port in front of a roaring fire. It was a cold windy night and I was hoping these conditions would die out when we woke in the morning. Seems the wind was coming from Derek mainly as the morning was quite nice with a slight breeze in our favour for hunting, the boys kitted up and once again we were edging through the native deadly quietly.

Throughout the day we were lucky enough to be in the thick of things when it came to deer numbers and were able to slowly gather what would be quite the haul of meat by the end of the day. First Vern made sure he got of the mark with a well placed shot taking one early, then Derek used all his stealth to fool a young animal while finishing a cup of tea and then Vern completed the deal with a long shoulder shot just before nightfall. Thanks guys my back and knees are just coming right from carrying the three deer out back to camp in full. I like to carry all animals out in full as I hate the thought of wasting any meat at all, its great to hang them for a few days in the chiller also. It was nice to see the odd Stag in their full glory also, they certainly are a majestic animal and worth leaving in the area if it is only meat you are hunting.

Focus will switch towards fishing in the next few weeks. Weather looks to be changing in the next few days which should be good for the rivers and indeed the running silver bullets. I have a busy end to the month with the long weekend fully booked so it will be good to explore both locally and afar.

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