Hi guys,

Ok I know , lack of reports have been shocking but in saying that we have been busy with hunting and fishing which have all been very good lately. The fishing in local rivers has been very productive and things will only be getting better over the next few days with all this rain and wind which most of New Zealand is getting. Levels are sure to have risen and at this stage the pick of rivers will be Hatepe for me. Backcountry rivers will all be high and dirty but lets remember that majority of them are closed for spawning.

The Tongariro has fish running in it each day and fresh fish are going through in small groups. Some anglers are having good fun when they catch the group early but once past the bridge they are moving quickly to the upper river. The river is still in desperate need of a big flood to wash out slime, gravel and anything built up from summer. This will also kick start the season and get some bigger numbers of trout running into the Tongariro. I took the boat over to the delta last week for a half  day and caught only two average fish , there were 3 other boats there which all took one trout each so things were really slow and no fish had built up. My Dad enjoyed a great day down the Tongariro last week landing only 5 fish for the day but landing two really good browns weighing  close to 7 lbs each and fat with eggs. These fish were silver and fresh run which tells me they were quite late in coming to the river to spawn, majority run over summer months.

Conditions for the lake fisherman have been fantastic with light winds. Lake fishing has generally been a bit slower but still a good day can be had while trolling or harling at first light. Jigging has certainly been a popular way to fish this last couple of years but it really only works well in summer months or when lake conditions are warm with a slight breeze.

I walked up the TT a week or so ago with a client which likes to fish there, it was his idea so we always do one trip there a year. I hate this river and my opinion remains unchanged, we landed one fish by lunchtime and lost 200 metres of fluro carbon so we decided to go back to the Hine. I know anglers can do very well on here but not if you are with me and not in the low conditions like it was. Not sure we even spooked a fish.

Hatepe has been great most days. I have done most of my guiding on here over the past two weeks and been amazed of how many trout are making their way into here. They are again moving quickly and getting past the Cliff pool pretty fast so it’s best to hit them in the straight early if you can and chase them up. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day or what fly selection but just get the fly down and get the best drift you can. There are a few fisherman about most days but only a few a fishing it correctly the rest just out for a walk.  Trout in here are putting on colour fairly fast especially the spawning jacks trying to impress the girls. I have caught some quite nice jacks which are coloured up fairly low in the river these trout are still in good condition and  sporting some nice coloured flesh.

Speaking with a man who stands in the TT rip every single fishable morning is doing very well taking his limit most mornings when fishing a white boobie slowly retrieved. With lake level still being low this kind of fishing is pretty good with access to the lip being achievable to most good casters. There are many lines on the market which will be ok for fishing river mouths but a place like the delta needs a all sink fast sinking line, this river mouth has a fast deep drop off so you need to get those flies down!