Hi guys,

Well I wish I had a little more to report and get excited about but im sure from the reports circulating on the websites you can probably make out the fishing is far from firing for most. Don’t get me wrong the keen angler which walks, changes tactics and has a wee bit of luck is still doing ok with a mix of trout to his or her bag. Basically we need some cooler weather followed by some decent rain which floods the region, I think its been pretty dry really and we have hardly had a frost.

I was lucky enough to pick up two half days this week and we spent those on the Hine as it really is as good as any at the moment. There seems to be fresh fish sneaking in most nights which are being picked up or spooked from below the bridge straight. I have always started in this area if my client is early enough before heading up river to fish for some slightly darker trout which have been in the river for a wee while. The river has actually been running at a good rate but still quite clear and fish seem spooky at times. I have had best results on the Quasimodo in a size #14 which you can pick up from Taupo Rod’n Tackle. (they’re deadly every nympher should have them)

Fishing pressure has been fairly light for the season, Taupo fishery generally will get busy when rain arrive and fish follow. Looking back at last season I caught a good portion of my trout towards October and even November so don’t be too concerned if you are not seeing or hearing of big daily numbers just yet. Something which has taken my eye though is the amount of medium sized brown trout which are holding up in the Tongariro. These fish are entering for spawning as they are fat with eggs and I think its awesome to know they have had a good breeding season down the line and hopefully the numbers are better than they have been. They are a unique, special, beautiful type of trout which entertain anglers from around the globe so lets hope we can keep their quality and numbers to a diamond standard for the world to enjoy.

Taupo fishery licences for the new season are now available. I think they are the same price as last season . I heard they were going to be available on line but Im not sure if that quite happened in time so they are once again available at retailers.

River mouths seem to have some exciting fishing currently with some reasonable fish gathering at drop offs getting ready to run. Some of the jacks are quite red checked actually which tells me they may have been there for quite sometime already waiting for the right conditions. The Delta, Waimarino and TT have all been solidly been producing trout for the past couple of months and should continue to drawing into winter. Some of the deeper mouths are fishable with positive results all day, I have quite often picked up nice trout at midday at the Waimarino on my way home from the river.

Cross your fingers and toes for a kick start to the season and remember to turn things about by getting out early, moving about and changing things up.

Happy fishing