Hi guys,

The rain we wanted certainly arrived and put some much needed water in the rivers which no doubt pushed many fish in most systems. The Tongariro obviously got the highest water and the best flush out which should have introduced a huge run of fish given the conditions and timing …..but didn’t really happen. Sure most anglers picked up the odd fish including a few silver browns but things did not move forward like it was meant to or expected to. Reports from fishing stores, clubs and locals cant all lie and it become obvious that we are not quite there yet on this fishery. I fished down there on Monday morning with two clients from Canada with no luck at all till lunchtime and that was only a long range release in the Breakfast pool. The day before we had a great day on the Hine so we quickly returned their for a few hours which secured a few trout for the day thank god. The high water was perfect for the Tongariro , stones have rolled over and are now shiny and clean from weed etc and still seems to be running at a better level which over time will tempt these winter fish to making a move.

On a positive note the Hine has been very good and is receiving new fish most days currently. There seems to be some good fish up high especially males which are slowly being backed up with small but solid little hens. I must admit it is not the best of years I have seen for both numbers and size but it is certainly the best at the moment and most anglers can at least hook into a few trout.

The Waitahanui has had some good fish running the river lately especially after the rain and some good westerly wind. A friend of mine actually caught some fish in the straight last week which I thought was weird as he never fishes the straight as he can never find a spot to fish. I thought this was weird so probed deeper into the conversation only to find that DOC had actually been doing the rounds down there obviously scaring of the locals from fishing as they may have been a little slow in getting their new permits I assume?? Goes to show doesn’t it. Thanks Shane for pushing the fact that the river gets a hard time with anglers doing the wrong thing, certainly something needs to be done here.

I also spoke with a shop owner yesterday who reported a story about a fellow being caught while harling two rods from his canoe at Wharewaka point and once inspected was found to have 28 fish on board!! Authorities were alerted to this man as a local watched and photo graphed him on more than one occasion doing the same thing, I wonder how many fish he pulled from the fishery before being caught ??

Currently NZ, especially the north of the country is getting some dirty weather which is threatening to stay about for a few days. This has to pass over Taupo and surrounding country at some stage and will again be good to get these fish moving. We should see some good fishing over the weekend and leading into next week , which rivers will remain a mystery!!