Hey guys,

Over the past week we have had some great fishing days with frosty starts which always result in amazing days. We seemed to have missed most of the wet weather which near by towns seem to be stealing from us. As always at this time of year we can do with some rain to get more fish into our rivers as they are all only fishing average at the moment. They can be classed as low and clear but in good condition with clean rocks and lovely looking runs which are waiting for those silver fish to move into. We need some rain and even a flood but most anglers are still managing to score a few fish in all the expecting rivers.

The Tongariro looks like it is getting some nice fish moving in during the darker nights and anglers are making contact with them in the lower reaches quite quickly. By no means have we seen the confident runs of fish entering as we were this time last season, I can recall days of twenty plus fish and heading to the river knowing exactly where they would be and how many we would get. I think these days are close and with the right conditions could be seen any day now. The Hine has again been a good piece of water to me and produced nice fish most of this week. Although also low and clear, there seems to be some good numbers of fish holding right through to the upper limit. I must admit the last couple of days trout have been dark and a fresh run is also needed to prop up the numbers but those who move about and fish this river well will pick up some good sport. There has been some really pretty large jacks in the middle section of the river which are nearly going all of 5 lb and are still in great shape, they certainly know where the snags are and how to use them to their advantages though.

The lake has offered boaties some good options over the past week with plenty of areas sheltered from the chilly winds. Traditionally jigging is usually slow at this time of year but most that have tried it over the past week have actually done very well. Harling in the mornings are also productive, especially for the first hour after light. River mouths have been fishing well, they have fished well for about two months now. Plenty of fish seem to be stacking up at the mouths ready to run when conditions allow. Fish that are being caught are in brilliant condition and have some good size about them so I will assume we are in for some good sport in the rivers when they finally decide to move in.

Glo bugs simply have not been good for me this year so far. I have given them time paired up with small naturals and they have been simply beaten hands down!! Small green caddis, black nymphs or Quasimodo’s have all been very good and accounted for most of my fish. Split shot has been very handy to me lately and every angler should have a few in his vest to get those flies down where needed.

I nearly forgot. Someone who clearly cant cast has totally destroyed some native trees and some not so native blackberry in most of the pools of the lower Hine. Trees and shrubs which add cover to the pools which makes trout hold have been cut down so this useless bugger doesn’t loose a fly or two. Whoever it was or is, certainly plans to do this when he is out as some tress or branches are 4 or 5 inches thick and would need some sort of saw etc to get through them. Im all for snapping the odd willow branch and treading down blackberry but leave the tress mate and spend more time learning to cast instead of taking it out on the scenery eh??!!

Tight lines