Hi guys, Yes its been a while but I got plenty of info for you this report especially after just finishing 8 days out there amongst the elements. I have had a great time with clients both hunting and fishing and it’s been red hot with both depending on where you have been.

Obviously we have had plenty of rain. All rivers are high and have been dirty over the past two or three days and have indeed had a good wash out which was desperately needed. I will cross my fingers and hope it gets the desired effect and fish enter the rivers giving some winter sport to some pretty disappointed fisherman.

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Again the best river this season has been the Hine. Im in love with this water and can really see the benefit for all anglers that fish here as it offers short casting, tactical fishing and most of the time very good numbers. To be honest if it wasn’t for this wee gem I would have had some very ordinary fishing for the past three months.

Prior to the rain the Hine had hundreds of fish scattered through middle reaches, though hard at times to catch they were there. Fishing smart, light and covering water soon saw these fish come unstuck. Good numbers of dark fish made for many anglers bags but the odd silver bullet certainly surprised most of us especially with their fighting and acrobatic abilities. This river has had a hard time with angling pressure with most parks occupied soon after day light, despite the pressure fish will and can be caught all day.

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Big fish!!!!! Seem to be no longer!! Although fishing has been good and its nice to be getting good numbers the size so far this season has been slightly disappointing . I would say out of maybe 100 fish there might be one pushing 5 lb. These small fish are entering the river with spawning in mind, they have eggs, they are coloured up and the boys have plenty of spunk so they’re not just in here for a look about. Why are 40 cm fish trying to spawn already? Is it only a matter of time before we are looking at mature trout spawning 1lb trout ?? Im sure our fishery scientist is onto it and will let us all know. Wonder how all those released trout with the dye behind the eye are going,?? No update on that one yet?

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The Tongariro will most likely be the standout fishery in the next few days as long as we don’t get too much more rain. Following a flood like we just had and given the time of year we should start to see some larger groups of trout run the river. Prior to the flood things were very up and down here and I found it very hit and miss. I hope this flood turns things around and fills pools with silver bullets, turangi needs it. Winter time is emotional roller coaster for me when talking of this fishery and at times the greats of this river would be turning in their graves. Usual antics are appearing under the bridge with heavy pressure all hours, vehicles being parked on the river bank and even a quad bike driven into the river and used as  a casting platform just to save putting waders on. Zane Grey may not be impressed. I parked at the bridge last week and walked up to Judges in the time it took me to walk past the bridge I saw fish being lets say exchanged to an Asian tourist and one fellow being told his marching orders while trying to muscle in on a place to cast, this is not how it is supposed to be. My best way to battle demons like these are to drive over bridge with eyes closed and close my ears while grabbing a coffee at the cart.

I have just spent four days with Phil Norman and two of his neighbours Stuart and Mike. Phil probably fishes with me 2o days per year so can be called an experienced angler who sees plenty of trout but also some hard days. His trip started of slowly with 6 or 7 fish per day on the Tongas until we hit the Hine after the rain while the river was rising. Phil was knocked for six at the end of Sunday when he declared his best day out ever landing 40 fish of varying sizes and condition.  The largest spawning run of the season certainly has moved into the rivers and I witnessed something pretty special on Sunday on the hine. All anglers we spoke to had good tales to tell with limit bags for everybody. We tried again Monday but the river had blown out and only a few fish were taken by fishing the edges with heavy gear and glo bugs. A good week lies ahead for all rivers , they will all have fish in them and all be clear to fish shortly, don’t miss it winter might not last long this year.

Deer hunting , pig hunting is something which we have added to our services over the past year and it’s been good for me. Good for me as it gives me something else to do, explore other things and again do something I love. Past fishing clients have jumped at the opportunity to get involved in these outings and this week I took another father son to shoot their first deer together. Two Fallow deer and a Red Deer will be filling the freezer for these guys, one of winters treats.

Bookings are coming in thick and fast for summer for raft trips and other backcountry areas so if you are keen to get out please drop me a line and get a date in the diary.