Hi guys

I have had a good weekend with clients on the river all day Friday and half the day on Sunday. Fishing literally become harder in the three days from fishing pushing through the system quickly and angler pressure. Most anglers I spoke with were fairly happy with their results but were concerned once again on fish size. I think out of about 30 fish caught over this period we kept four fish over 4lb, all were good solid jacks. All time spent on the river was on the Hine, I even picked up in Turangi on Sunday and ran them back to the Hine when I saw the numbers of anglers pounding the Tongariro. I feel quite sorry for some of the trout trying to get past that bridge at times, would be keen to see legislation change for lower river actually.

Have been running into many anglers on annual fishing trips or involved with small in house comps, I think this is a great way to get out with mates and experience the area with mates. Many are long running and are usually over the winter months, Im sure some port will be getting consumed to warm the blood.

Some fairly average weather seems to be with us for the week with overcast conditions and patchy rain. I think its perfect weather to see more fish move into local rivers but the old age myth of the full moon hovers over its success, a super moon even. A strong belief of many anglers is that fish don’t move or feed well with a full moon?? I tend to agree but it’s been proven wrong many a times. If the weather continues to be angry and days stay looking like winter fish will be moving throughout the week.


Most of my trout have been caught on small naturals over the last month or so except when fishing dirty water. Glo bugs just haven’t done the business yet and I’m starting to use more and more small naturals year around. A small indicator, tapered leader and a series of small patterns seems to really entice more takes from the hard to catch fish. I’m finding using lighter nymphs and small indicators are great for my clients -easier to cast more accurately and way more sensitive than big water nymphing methods.

Tongariro is looking great, rocks are turned over and slime removed and washed out to the lake. This should make getting around for most people a little easier and some new interesting water will have opened up. The lower river was where many dreams were made yet unfortunately it will not be the same for quite some time yet. More pressure has been transferred up to the upper sections especially pools such as Boulder Reach or Big Bend-something new appears every season and will be popular till the next phase.

Happy fishing