Hi guys,


Start of September already and hardly have seen a spell of cold wintry weather to speak of , let alone a good run of fish into some of the bigger rivers. So far this season is not a patch on the previous and to be honest it has many very worried once again. I have spent 8 days on the river with guests over the past fortnight and have fished 3 different rivers-Tongariro, Waiotaka and the Hine. In total I spent 3 hours on the Waiotaka seeing 2 flighty fish in a very low, clear and miserable looking river. Sure there have been cars down the banks driving the river accessing pools but I can tell you right now they would not have found any fish, running dogs maybe. The Waiotaka will fish very well when the river is high and coloured, anglers should watch the weather before basing a trip around this sort of river in Taupo.

We have spent half a day on the Tongariro before we pulled stumps ands headed back to the Hine to go on and catch 12 trout all after lunch after the river had been fished all morning. I don’t know where all these fish are that are supposed to be lined  up in the Tongariro but I have certainly not seen nor spoke to many anglers doing big numbers in here. It seems they are running through but only in small numbers, again some rain will be needed to encourage fish in. I was surprised that the last flood did not spur more fish into moving ? In the half day we did spend on the river we fished the braids, hydro, big bend and blue pool all for one landed and one lost.

So….yip I have lived on the Hine for the past three months and seen some very good to very average fishing. After the rain and high water it was very productive and fish moved in and through the river as they are meant to and were holding up in places they have for years. Generally anglers are again concerned on the size of the trout , we are seeing coloured up jacks in full spawning colours and they might only just be 2lb. I think in 20 fish there might be one which would weigh 4 or 5 lb. Is food source once again the problem, over fishing of large trout by boaties in summer months or are we just simply jumping the gun and the biggest runs of fish are still to come?? Im hoping the last one si the problem, there is still 2 very good months ahead of us which has in the past produced some good fishing with some awesome runs.

I actually guided two anglers last week which were fishing in a annual fishing comp in Turangi. The rules were pretty relaxed and they could fish anywhere at anytime in the legal rules provided of the fishery. In the past the same people have taken the prizes and the awards with these guys only weighing 1 ore 2 fish in for the weekend . They could be considered average anglers which have only fished the Tongariro before and only the Hydro and Major Jones at that, one of them had never caught a trout before!! Anyways to cut a long great day short and an enjoyable weekend they won all the best categories with the largest hen, largest jack and best condition factor trout all from the Hine. Other anglers had been fishing the Tongariro and the river mouths, if you think the Hine has been busy it is for the simple reason that it has been the best for size, condition and numbers. Fishing with lots of anglers is never nice, we all like to have our own pool or think we are the first to venture through a stretch of river but reality is that we are in Taupo and its a busy fishery. Fish differently, smartly and keep moving , with these in mind you will come out on top if there are a few fish to be had.

We are in need of some rain now!!! Fish that are in the Hine are now dark in colour and in full spawn mode. They can be caught for sport and some jacks will slash at out at most patterns. Some areas of the river are clearly spawning beds and it’s very obvious what they and why there are fish sitting in 6 inches of water in full day light chasing each other, lets stay away from these guys you will generally only end up foul hooking them.

I think I have mentioned this in most posts but unless the water has been dirty I have only used small natural patterns fished as light as I can. Light line, correct leaders, small indicators and summer tactics in some cases will see most fish unstuck. Glo bugs and heavy split shot are a thing of the past for me unless we get some rain in the rivers soon.

Great to see doc staff on the Hine over the past month. I have been pulled up 3 times by the same ranger doing surveys etc, I hope they are hitting rivers such as the Waitahanui, Waimarino and looking in places where a poacher doing the right thing might be??I hear they found someone on the Hine last week fishing above the limit , they issued him a warning and sent him on his way I don’t think they can be arrested by DOC staff?

Hope you are all well