Hi guys,

Well to be honest not really much different to report this week except that the fishing in the Hine for sport fish is still amazing if you fish smart, we are still expecting the big runs to soon arrive in the Tongariro. Looks to be some dirty weather on the way this weekend so I expect this may move some trout into the Tongariro but I wouldn’t bet on it!! I have spoken to anglers over the past week who have fished the Tongariro over the past week with minimal results, disappointing really after the weekends release. Size seems to be saving the fishery, silver trout which are running up seem to better trout than other rivers and I can only imagine that will continue once they really start.

I again guided a full day on the Hine on Monday, fishing pressure was fairly high but fishing was good and was nice to share it with others. Anglers which I have run into have been very friendly, informative and generally having a fun time. I have had a fun season on this water and I thank god it was of a standard in which Im proud to display to clients.

This season I have seen a change in the way we fish certain rivers, a huge influx of anglers have switched to wet lining nymphs, swinging small nymphs and Czech nymphing. I must admit I’m not totally sold on any new rigs or methods but can certainly see the appeal for some anglers. Czech nymphing especially has been popular with both novice fisherman but also older guys which have fished for years and years , all are convinced it’s the way to get most out of your efforts. A smaller river like Nui or Hine suits this dredging style angling and has been very lethal on the trout at the head of pools especially. Im not a lover but Im not a hater, fish with what works for you and enjoy it . If it’s legal Im good with it. A river such as the Tongariro may be hard to Czech nymph effectively if you can not read water well. The way these rigs are set up and the style of the technique favours small casts, directed casts etc and just lobbing into the river like some nymphers will and can may not work quite so well. In saying that I have seen some experts slay the fish in areas like the braids so it does work and again prove effective.

I think this craze to change has been pushed from fishing clubs, competitive fishing and retailers which offer  the products. Getting set up is not hard in fact it’s amazing how simple you can alter your basic nymphing rod to get by. Matt in Rod’n Tackle is up to speed with the gear and and can get you set up, I know he has converted a few locals already. Alternatively “Totally Fly” in Auckland will be your one stop shop in all things fly and very accommodating when it comes to techniques to do with this style of angling -see Yoshi or Belinda for help.

Will it make you catch more fish?? I doubt it, to catch more fish one needs to fish more often, become skilled and learn from every outing but it may help get a few fish which you may not have if you were nymphing kiwi style truck and trailer. Fly selection can be much the same, experts will tie them in dropper fashion running up the main leader with the heavy fly or bomb on the bottom-thus giving you maximum feeling and sensitivity through the line to your hands. If anyone needs a quick lesson on any of this will be only to happy to help while the right rivers are still working. Pray for some running fish for spring!!

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