Hi guys


Windy conditions has hit the long weekend and after guiding on the Tongariro yesterday I was not that keen for a walk myself over the public holiday. Blustery conditions made life tough for novice anglers yesterday and it become obvious even the most seasoned anglers were not putting up with it for very long as the river was very quiet all morning. Fishing was average with only one fiosh hooked in the braids which seemed to be silver and fresh and a small fish landed in the Major Jones while nymphing the deep slow head of the pool. Fishery managers are expecting runs to still enter the rivers in the next month or so but Im not sure this season can be salvaged and will be put down in  the record books as slim pickings for most. Brown trout in the Tongariro will be my focus in the coming months and I look forward to when the middle reaches start to fill with these sleeping giants once again. Big browns combines with low water and the sound of Cicadas means a pretty exciting time locally and I am sure champing at the bit for it to start. The end of winter and its famous fishing prowess will soon be gone and to be honest I will be glad to see another winter season behind us. Cars parked on the river bank , quads half way across the river, lines of anglers, arguments and anglers with concrete feet are all things sighted in the bridge pool again and for most takes away from the enjoyment of fly fishing the Tongariro. Of course most wont try their luck in this area but we all drive over the bridge and witness things that hit a muscle in our heart one way or another.

Lake fishing for most boaties has been very good when they can actually get out from the wind and lumpy conditions. Harling is picking up first thing in the morning and last thing at night and it wont be long and the jigging will be in full swing also, this will be exciting times for those who like the boat fishing and the styles which are effective here. Numbers and condition of trout seem to be pretty good from these guys which is good to hear as the food source must be ok. Deep trolling is taking most fish during the day for most either using downriggers or 10 colours of lead line fished in the right depths. Lures such as Spotty Golds,  Baby Brown , Traffic Light and the good old Black Toby are always on the menu with Taupo fish.

I fished with my Dad after a pig hunt the other day on the Mohaka River. Wow, I need a client ASAP who wants to see and fish this water as it was stunning and productive and seemed to be un touched everywhere where we went. A set of small natural nymphs, fluro leader and small indicator made short work of these hungry hard fighting fish . Although we didn’t catch any big fish we did catch fish up to about 3 lb both rainbow and browns which really accounted for themselves. If you want  fish which hit the surface and run like steam trains you need to meet these guys. All fish were in excellent condition, fat all over and have not been put down by angler pressure yet. All backcountry rivers will fish well for the next few weeks but as soon as December hits and people get breaks before Christmas and for New Years things will become noticeably harder. Camping is permitted in much of these areas and anglers or campers will be camped up for days a sight any day trooper just does not want to see. All Im saying is get in quick and beat the crowds , the fishing is good.

I also threw a line in another smaller river not far from this area and was pleased to see fish parked up on most corners of this small delicate water. Again small nymphing set up was what we wanted but a dry fly with light nymphs attached would have done the damage. Not know for its big fish it makes up on numbers most of the time, obviously a food source issue and large fish numbers. I think most fisherman I take appreciate catching a fish and of any size , that’s what fly fisherman are generally about.

I have begun adjusting my fly box to suit another busy season of summer fishing. Glo bugs and streamers have been put away for another season replaced with small pt variants, hare and coppers, split flag adam’s and a selection of caddis emergers to tempt the most picky of trout. I always carry some fairly rough tied patterns which look like they have been stomped on, amazing what good browns prefer to eat. Hopefully we will all see a good Cicada season and hear them chirping in the next few months, it’s always a gamble to predict what force they will show up in and when trout will discover them as a main food source.

Hope to hear from some of you in the coming months and really hope to get you out on the water somewhere , be water safe and paln your trip wisely.