Hi guys,

The next month is always a tough month for most guides and avid fisherman in deciding where to fish. Of course most guides strive to get the most from their clients and give them a day in which they will remember and realize the advantages of being guided every so often. The next few months can be very hard locally but also the weather has to be considered when thinking of heading backcountry. The Hine has become fairly tough and is only holding a few fish in the shallows. The Tongariro has been un predictable all season and a gamble will be taken a few times in the next few months. Backcountry has been awesome but with the latest dump of rain it may have made some water dirty and un fishable………..decisions decisions. Another month and Taupo rivers will see the opening of more fishable water which can be both accessed by raft and on foot. I will also start seeing spent fish which are eating to recover , these trout will accept the fly well and become summer sport in Taupo. Juveniles will also start appearing in big numbers and all anglers will enjoy catching these little pieces of jewellery especially in the Tongariro and Hine. More settled weather conditions will make backcountry water clear and low which is always the best conditions in my opinion. things will be easier to predict this time next month, I will cross my fingers for now.

The rain we have just got seemed to have moved the level of the Tongariro, this may or may not draw late spawning fish but going from what DOC think ……it should. I really hope we get more trout running the river as they really are the back bone of summer fishing for this river especially in the upper river which is always popular with anglers. The rafters are reporting a few trout up the top but its been a fairly poor turn out!!  Again boat anglers still doing well in the south of the lake and the fish seem to be full of good smelt so we may still see these beauties in the rivers. Browns must be close…….these are the fish that brings anglers to this fishery over summer and I hope they turn up again just like they have in the past few seasons. It really is about time DOC respected these trout as sport fish as they are saving the fishery with fly fisherman at the moment.

Warmer areas have already seen good action on the surface even during the day. Napier has many good fisheries, this combined with warm weather it generally gets some good dry fly fairly early on in the piece which has again been the case in the last few weeks. Stimulator patterns, humpies and Parachute Adams have all been good patterns to have in the box. Closer to home May Fly and Caddis hatches have been seen and fished with results on the right evenings with no wind. The larger bodies of water on the Tongariro like Cattle Rustlers, Hydro and Major Jones will all be water which will entertain anglers in the next few months in the evenings.

I have taken the opportunity to head up the coast over the past day or two with my family taken advantage of one good day with little wind and sunshine. I have a 6 metre plate boat which sits in the driveway far too much over the summer months so every chance has to be utilized at this time of year. I took my son Charlie out for his first snapper fish for a few hours which he seemed to behave himself while chewing on biscuits, yoghurt and at one point a half a pilchard. I hope with my influence and love for hunting, fishing and animals I get to spend plenty of time with him and his Grandad in the future. I though the fishing was good, between the four on board we ended up with a great feed of Snapper, Gurnard and Kahwai and managed to land 3 small Kingfish. I must admit a fresh feed of saltwater fish sure is refreshing .

I am out guiding in the next two days including regular identity Derek Helliwell who will stay in our anglers batch in Taupo, thus giving us options all over the country….ok. I think tomorrow I may risk the Tongariro and spend the day searching for fresh trout which may have moved in. Wednesday  I will hit backcountry and hopefully water has gone down allowing us to access the runs which have been good in the past, I will report back!!