Hi guys,

As promised a quick report back with interesting results from last few days out and about. The weather has not been that great for us mid week and clients found themselves changing from rain coats to singlets through out the day. Due to average conditions and plenty of rain which would have raised backcountry rivers I was forced to spend two full days chasing about the Tonagriro.

Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to be fishing my favourite pools with very few anglers and actually enjoying the odd good silver fresh fish which made its way up earlier in the week with the raised water conditions. Clients Holly and Phil from Aus were great value and made my day on the water really awesome. We scored about 5 or 6 fish for the day and dropped just as many due to quite hard fighting fish -especially in the fast water which was great to see. I also saw a few anglers enjoy similar success keeping a few good fish for the table. These clients had fished once before for very small mountain trout in Patagonia and were totally blown away by the size of our trout which is a common reaction from overseas fisherman.

I had good friend and client Derek on Wednesday, usually he is a client I would guide 5 or 6 times in a year but due to some average fishing throughout the region he has saved his money and time for other past times. I was quite excited to report to him that the Tongas had some nice fish in it and we were likely to have a good morning on the river. Of course I should not have opened my mouth as by 9 am we were still fishless after fishing through all the likely lower river hot spots. The fish had either only been in very small number , run through or most likely all been caught before passing the bridge!!! We had a disappointing average day landing 4 trout from the Stag pool and hooking 3 up river which were lost. I wouldn’t mind only scoring 4 fish but they were 4 average small fish, this fishery has been hard to read this season. We scooted over to Lake O and mooched about the edges for a few hours hooking two and landing one nice fat rainbow from the weed beds using a snail pattern call the Da Hoova. I usually just nymph the weed beds picking up cruising trout as and when they patrol their beat .

A calm clear forecast was predicted for Thursday morning so late the evening before I hooked up the boat and sorted some gear for the lake in the morning. Derek’s always keen for whatever I want to do and I am always trying to put him first and make sure he has  a good time so we were up once again at 5 am stopping at Z for our coffee hit and on the lake at day break. It was a flat calm morning and the odd fish could be seen moving on the surface. Harling has come into its own over the past few weeks and has become productive while the light is dim. In the next 1.5 hours we enjoyed the best trout fishing I have seen in 8 years!! It was a matter of seconds before we had a double hook up and I doubt there was a 3 minute spell where we did not get a strong take and an explosive reaction at the back of the boat. We ended up with 21 fish including taking home our limits of 3 lb silver bullets all in fantastic condition.

 Some fish were small in the 1lb range but every single fish was in superb condition and fought really well which was sobering to see. Derek was sent to work when we got home at 7 45 and gutted all the fish in the backyard before dropping to the smoker and it was surprizing not to find any smelt in their gutt, weird considering we were using smelt patterns as our fly choice and all fish so fat . Their was also no eggs or milt in any of the fish. So……….why are their so many fish in the lake and none in the rivers due to spawn. None of these fish were due to spawn any time soon that’s for sure, which is weird as DOC say are we still due our largest runs of spawning fish this month?? In saying that many of these fish were maiden trout and we might be in for a good year next year, who knows ?! This season has been an odd one!!

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