Hi guys


Weather continues to play a large part in most anglers time spent on the river , quite horrible conditions most days seem to be hanging about lately. My plans are being altered with high water conditions in the backcountry and I have been restricted to fishing locally which has been challenging. When other rivers in the back country drop we will have a good few weeks as these rivers would not have had much pressure and fish will be on the chomp.

This week I based myself on the Tongariro and mooched about the lower and middle reaches. There has been a few nice silver fish showing up but not many , infact I have not seen many fish caught at all in the lower river in the usual haunts. Majority of trout as you can see from the photos are recovering or spawned trout which have become spooky as they are hanging out in the riffles and most anglers spot them and run a few casts over them. I hold concern for summer fishing this year as there are not a lot of trout in the rivers and I have not seen a brown yet which is unusual. In saying that who can predict nature, it will be what it will be and most likely turn out just fine. We had a lot of rain yesterday and last night and maybe with the baro dropping we might get a push from the lake as we have been promised , time will certainly tell.

Lake Taupo will be the place to be over the next few weeks especially on calm mornings and nights harling in 20 -30 feet of water. So far this spring this has been the best way to get some quality fish and great sport from the lake. I have had most of my luck using green flies such as, Green Orbits or Woolly Buggers but I will assume the usual suspects such as Ginger Mick, Grey Ghost and Yellow Ladies will work as well.

Deep trolling has been good for the charter boats with clients on board trolling in the 100 feet of water mark. I have never actually done this style of fishing as its heavy and with lures but it seems over winter and spring it can be a method which will win most days.

I had an adventure last weekend and fished on Okataina with Ross from Lakeside meats in Taupo , they do all your fish smoking. I have never fished in this region despite being close by for the last ten years so it was nice to be going somewhere new but also very pretty. This lake is known not for great numbers early season but has been known for great eating fish due to the amounts of Koura which live in the lake. It actually reminds me of the lakes in Tasmania, heavily bush clad and deep as hell in places. We hit the weather right and enjoyed a calm day on here with very little fishing pressure in quiet bays in the top end of the lake. While this lake does have some shallow bays which may be ok for fly fishing we decided to just Harl first thing and then spend the day jigging the deeper drop offs.

Our only fly which worked was a Bully pattern called a light Bully but I suppose any Woolly Bugger may have been just as good, they didn’t touch patterns such as Ginger Micks or Grey Ghosts.  This fishery finds its legs in summer and the fishing will certainly be better later in the season when the water warms up but we managed to boat 4 good fish over 5 lb all with smelt and Koura in their gutt. I hear its not uncommon to catch trout over 8 lb and most fish will be 4 lb plus which is a noticeable difference to Taupo. Trout are released here every season and 3 of the four we caught had been released with only 1 being a wild fish with no fin clips. I quite like the wild aspect of Taupo but at the end of the day if stocking works in lakes with no rivers running into them to speak off stocking is a good thing. I enjoyed my day out with Ross as it is always nice to fish with new company and I think we will be back soon.

Enjoy your week