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Just a quick accurate update. Most regular readers will long ago worked out that there’s no holes barred on this blog and is written on true experiences and valid information gathered while guiding clients on the river, speaking with real people and working in fishing stores. Sometimes I cant report the fishing has been awesome simply because that would be telling fibs and with no financial gain in talking it up, I will report how it really is every time. The last thing I want to do is tell all you anglers to rush to the river only to have you ring me and ask what planet I was talking about as the fishing was average. Anyway, today it changed as it always does and the river fished well despite roaring winds blowing straight down the river all day.

Weather has been average so far this spring but typical of many years with rain showers and plenty of wind playing havoc with fly fisherman and boaties on the lake. The lake fishing has been unreal if you can get out and hide from the wind, jigging, harling and deep trolling all being productive. Fish are in good condition and I would say next season they will be running into the rivers, not this season. Backcountry will be running high but should drop out quickly if rain holds out for a few days.

The Tongariro today was quite busy with fisherman especially in the upper river while trying to hide from the wind, I even tried sneaking in the Potou to avoid the blustery conditions but only landed 1 small rainbow.  I was guiding Ray and his son in law Nick who were here on holiday from the UK, poor buggers have had English weather since arriving here. I had these guys stay at Julie Meiring’s accommodation Turangi Trout Lodge-highly recommended . We started our day in the lower river flicking naturals in the braided water in front of the lodge with some success picking up one solid rainbow and 2 other slabby recovering trout trying to put on weight , a trout all the same. Late morning we had watched several anglers come and go with nothing but a fly in the back from cyclone type winds and we also soon called it quits and headed up river for some shelter.

I as always had the Stag in mind but with the river running hard and a couple of not so stable anglers I decided not to try my luck and stuck to the car park side and fished the Cicada pool , one of Tongariro ‘s most photogenic pools. My plan of avoiding the wind didn’t help much but to my surprise the pool was loaded with trout from the swirly water in the top right to the deep hole down the bottom. A few spawning fish were holding in the mid reaches but the remainder of the trout in the deeper more oxygenated water were reasonably fresh, I was glad to see them past the bridge! Despite some floppy, loose, uncontrolled casting it didn’t take long before both anglers at one point were hooked up together at both ends of the pool. Over the next couple of hours we ere un disturbed and managed to enjoy landing 5 or 6 decent fish which accounted for themselves quite well. Plenty of Swallows swooped all afternoon picking up large Mayfly which were emerging and bursting to life into the big wide world, no trout were seen rising but Im sure the evening was ok if the wind dropped.

We finished the day with another trout picked from the car park pool opposite the Stag, the left hand cast just up the track. This is a beauty , always a fish to be had in here especially as the summer approaches.  All fish were taken on the bomb today – a big black seals fur bomb tied with rubber legs- this may have looked like the large Mayfly emerging ?? Anyway today it was good, tomorrow is another day …ok

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