Hi again

Recently I have had Derek again staying in the fishing lodge in Taupo with his lovely partner where they again enjoyed chilling out enjoying Taupo before the busy period but also squeezing in some fishing on the lake. Trout fishing on the lake continues to be very good and it will only get better in the next few weeks right through the warmer months. If you are wanting smoked fish for friends and family over Christmas now would be a good time to get into it and secure yourself some decent fish. Jigging again has been really good while using fibre smelt, ginger micks or small green orbits. Harling in the morning is good if the weather suits and deep trolling has been catching all categories of trout through out the day.

Raft fishing continues to be good in the upper reaches and with another two on this coming weekend I will report back in depth on these trout and how we go. River fish are full of Manuka beetle currently and indeed are some of the fish from the lake. The fish I have kept from the river in the past two weeks have been full of beetle and this is why nymphs such as Quasimodo or anything with a green flash  back will work well. To be honest the fishing on the Tongariro has been quite good in the past week or so with fish on the surface during the day and a client landing my first brown for the summer, a beautiful sold jack of about 5lb from the upper Blue Pool. I have been fishing light most of the time in the riffle water and this is why I have been able to tempt these trout to the surface while using a Split Flag Adam’s , you can get these from Taupo Rod and Tackle.

I am told dry fly in the evenings has been crazy and at times some of the pools have been described as boiling!! This will be a real mix of fish which are returning from the upper river , small fish , browns and the odd new silver fish which will most likely be under 2lb. Some great fishing to be had here just on dark while skating Sporting Caddis across and down as the light fails, just hold on!

I have snuck out for a quick half day somewhere local backcountry and discovered a few Cicadas chirping already which is a very good sign . The trout were not responsive to them on this day but we certainly pulled a few smaller fish on the nymph with no problems at all. We have been lucky over the last few weeks with the weather and we can pretty much get to wherever anglers wish to  get at. Hopefully this will continue over the next few weeks and the holiday period will be a good experience for everyone. Lets remember our manners on the rivers during busy periods and leave anglers with enough space and river to fish, if you own a jet ski stay well away from me on the lake!!

Check out this fish that Colin Christmas nailed this week, haven’t seen one like that for quite a while eh!!

Tight lines

Andrew Christmas