Hi guys,

Work continues to be flowing along nicely and finding time to catch up on other websites, reports and up dating mine is hard but with lots to report it should not be too hard. Weather again has not really stopped any of my fishing and although we got some rain rivers are still low and clear in most cases. Over the past two weeks I have fished rivers in Napier, National Park and some local water here in Taupo. I cant say the fishing has been easy on all occasions but hard periods don’t last for long as long as you keep moving.

Backcountry rivers are still my favourite place to be and fish have been feeding well on the top but also picking up a well drifted nymph also. Cicadas towards Napier are really loud and fish will grab a big dry drifting in the foam line. Fish have not been huge and the best I think I have seen was a 5 pound rainbow caught by Barry last week from the Mohaka. Big numbers are not un common on these rivers but they certainly can range is size and generally a lot of fish in the half pound bracket. Fishing pressure still has been good for me, not sure if we even saw another angler last week in the backcountry-perfect!!

The Tongariro is pretty much the only river worth spending much time on at the moment in the Taupo fishery , most of you would know that. Some of the other rivers are housing some trout but catching them is another story. A real mixed bag can be expected on the Tongas- small juveniles, spent rainbows , silver fresh runners? and brown trout. My client Phil Norman caught a trout yesterday which was one of about ten I could see in the lower river and was chrome silver with very small eggs, early late is anyones guess. We also rafted the upper section  which the scenery was again stunning , the fishing was useless in the top ten km but we eneded up with ten fish to the net from the last few pools. Fish have certainly dropped right back and the upper section is now just a home to the young fish which were born this winter just gone.

Brown trout , brown trout, brown trout. Trophy brown trout. I suppose we should establish what is actually a trophy first. In my opinion  a trophy trout in NZ is a wild fish which weighs over ten pound. Ten pound is a very large fish , in twenty years I have caught countless of fish weighing 7, 8 and 9 lb but only 1 over the magic mark of ten pound. I suppose its just a case of being honest with myself!! Of course my trophy may not be the same as yours, you may think a 8lb fish is your trophy and so it should be , totally up to the fisherman. I have had clients in the past taxidermy their 6 lb fish before , its up to the hunter.

 Over the past couple of weeks it seems every website has a new trophy brown trout all over it which has prompted me to spend quite a lot of time on the Tongariro in my brown trout areas and actually see whats in the river. I even went fishing myself with my father, was very enjoyable! All these have been caught in last two weeks or so. We have been really lucky and secured some awesome trout with clients which have been wanting to catch brown trout. I would like to hear from readers their thoughts on size of these bigger fish , be aware there is not one over 10 pound here ! Surprised ?? These trout look large eh, like trophy browns-a ten pound fish is huge and not something which are common, in saying that I have certainly seen one or two over the past week.

I get quite a few emails in regards to catching brown trout during the day in the summer. There is no easy brown trout out there they all act differently , patience is essential, casting at fish is vital, nice casts, shaggy tied patterns and simply time spent on the river will catch you more trout. Good will come to those who wade right!! You can increase your chances by fishing pools which brown trout spawn in and group up in, a short walk in the middle reaches and you will soon see where most fish stop. The lower river has plenty of fish also but access can be a little tricky these days, young anglers should venture down river for a day though. They will be about for sometime yet and even more should show up infact. Anglers may find the sleepy looking browns more active during the evening and after dark. I know many anglers have caught some reasonable trout on the evening rise many of these being the elusive brown trout. Anyway take a good look at these fish and you be the judge, exceptional trout in a great fishery but not quite that double figure guys.

Heli fishing in the morning with clients of mine which are staying in the Creel in Turangi, cant wait!!