Hi guys, The week which started with plenty of rain certainly ended well for most anglers which braved at times wet conditions, high water and cold mornings. I have been lucky enough to guide Derek for the past 3 days and also have him stay with me in Taupo which has made for early success stories on the local rivers.

It seems most rivers have received a run or two of fish but by far the standout river has been the Hine. Im not sure how much publicity I want to give this fishery as it is busy enough already but I wont be out over the weekend so go hard. This week was actually fairly quiet on the water and I had no problem getting to pools and runs I wanted. We put in the early starts and picked our water wisely where Derek proceeded to take fish from most pools. This water fishes very well when conditions are high but knowing the holder water is a important aspect to success.

Over 2.5 days of guiding Derek managed 56 fish, good fish, solid rainbows the best he has seen for many years. Dirty water meant we were mainly using plenty of weight with large Glo bugs, these accounted for 90% of the trout. Majority of fish were silver bullets and in great condition with only the odd fish thin which I think they were spawned and on their way to the lake anyways. We only kept the largest of the Jacks for smoking letting the fat hens go and add to the gene pool. I don’t often keep hens layden with eggs as when opened they look like envelopes and flesh can quite often be pale.

The Hine has fish through out its entire system, some pools are not loaded like others but one and two fish hook up’s are common in most waters. Other water to look at will be the Waitahanui , I have seen locals thumping the river all week with the westerly wind so I will assume there has been fish moving in .

Just a quick update as I have a hell of a lot of flies to tie and replace thanks Derek and need to get my duck gear out and practice my holler. If you need to stay in touch with what’s happening slightly better add me on facebook at my business page Taupo Trout Guide.