Winter fishing continues to produce some nice trout through most rivers and with the weather looking like its going to take a turn this should only be good for the fishery. A few reports have been sent in to me but the best coming from the Hine and the Tongariro. Flicking through websites soon tells most of us where the fish are getting caught, though some are more accurate than others.

River mouths are seeing some great fish lurking , stacking up ready for the next fresh run. Night angling is most productive with a wet line and a booby style fly but rips such as the Hine and the Waimarino are getting some nice fish during the day light hours.

I guided yesterday on the Hine and only saw three other vehicles all which were guides, this should tell you something. The river has dropped considerably and has become clear but it certainly still has fish sneaking through most of the river. The upper section has a lot of fish which will be great for spawning this year.

Brown trout continue to make the headlines on the Tongariro and it seems many are cashing in on some fresh trout which came in with the last high levels. Many anglers are catching fish while conditions are high and dropping thus sending fish into a frenzy while mopping up Caddis. There certainly has been some good fish caught this season, Id say one of the best years for the brown trout fishery. The best and biggest brown that I have heard of being caught all summer was unlucky enough to be caught by me weighing just over 14 lb, ok.

Looking forward to the next big run of fish which should arrive with the next bad weather spell, watch this space guys.