Hi guys,

Taupo has long been known for its amazing freshwater fishery angling for trout and this winter is producing some amazing fishing and standing up to its name. Well known for its winter fishing due to the migration of thousands of fish every year from the lake to its tribs. I think most that make the effort are finding good fishing in  most rivers now especially if they are fishing after a rain .

Again I have only really been on one or two rivers being the Hine and the Tongariro both of which have great numbers of fish in. I have found fishing the Hine after rain or when it is running high the best and easiest to get onto large numbers of large fish. knowing holding water and resting spots certainly helps with achieving 20 fish days quickly. Winter fishing really isn’t rocket science and most get away with a shorter leader and a small selection of naturals and glo bugs. Most importantly make certain you are achieving the correct depths, while nymphing winter your gear must be on the bottom asap.

The Tongariro is holding and producing some great fish but finding ten fish in an hour can be a little harder than the smaller rivers. The size of the Tongariro simply spreads schools of running fish out which in turn make them harder to get onto. Still, there are plenty of solid rainbows being caught and still some great looking late season browns turning up. Again fishing after high water seems fool proof and all the usual side lanes of the bigger water will produce resting trout. Fishing after a fresh with coloured or high water can be exciting while using both glo bugs and caddis naturals, fish have been caught with fat tummies full of green and white caddis. So….anything such as hare and coppers, pt variants, Quasimodo’s and caddis patterns tied small will certainly produce trout fished at the right depth. I stress the need for the right depth, last week I had a client from America which was hinting every 5 minutes he wanted to fish a dry and when he spotted a lone Mayfly hatch he was sold on the idea!. Needless to say we caught nothing on the dry and got some interesting looks from other anglers while I was letting him flicking his Para Adams about in the middle of winter?

The TT has been looking mighty fine after the last few weeks of rising and falling water conditions and from what I hear has been very good if you can be there at the right time. As you may know I don’t fish this from one year to the next so cant comment too much on what has been going on in there but from what I hear it has good numbers of fish and some real beauts mixed in amongst them also.

The Waitahanui has been ok especially after the right winds and rain. I have seen a heap of anglers pounding the lake front so I will assume the trout at some stage moved through. On some days I have seen anglers ten metres apart so I hope the odd one has snuck through to get in the upper reaches for  those who like to walk and fish. Deep holding pols are always my favourite in this river and fished at first light with a good sized glo bug can be deadly in that clear water, fish have been in good nic too.

All in all the size and condition of taupo trout have impressed most of us. There has been the odd dark spawned jack but that will always be expected and become more often  as the months go on. The fat hens are looking beautiful in full fat with eggs , these fish are better to be released as 9 out of 10 times flesh colour gone backwards due to egg growth. I have been getting clients if they want a fish to take the larger jacks which have had lovely fat flanks with orange flesh, great for both smoking and eating fresh.

I have once again had client Derek and his wife staying and fishing with us in Taupo and it was great to see Cathy join us on the river catching her first trout. Derek has been up couple of times this month both shooting deer and fishing and has picked his timing perfectly with wet weather for fishing. I think over four days fishing he is averaging 20 per day which is nothing to be sneezed at. This week I have been fishing with Raymond from England which had similar success fishing for the largest fish he has ever experienced in over 20 years of fly fishing , pretty special little place here eh.

The time is now!!