Hi guys,

Holy cow what a season we are having here in Taupo . The Taupo fishery is certainly a world class fishery and any angler who has wet a line this winter would certainly agree. I have fished the main rivers and not been disappointed in any outing over the past couple of weeks. This actually could be the best winter fishing I have ever seen for fish numbers and fish quality , truly amazing.

The Hine has been full bore, full on with anglers but also full on with running fish most days over the last ten days with the wet windy unsettled weather patterns. I have just guided good client and friend Phil for the past 8 days and he must have hooked 200 fish between the Hine and the TT. Not only are the numbers there they also seem easy to fool with almost any pattern as long as it is weighted correctly. Glo bugs are a favourite, Quasimodo’s are smashing them and Green caddis are always taking trout. While hooking trout seems easy landing them certainly is not as the water is up slightly , fish are bigger and in many cases stronger than other years – many anglers are being left red faced. I would say it was fair to say that over half the fish on the Hine certainly below the bridge would get away-many with a piece of jewellery in their mouth. The Jacks if caught early enough are in fantastic condition to be eating but some of the Hen fish are best to be treated with care and let go- they are very heavy with eggs and much of the condition of the fish has gone into these eggs sending flesh colour pale.

I guided up the TT only two days ago, yes you read it right the Tauranga Taupo. If you have fished with me in the past you may know it is not really my favourite river due to lots of walking , thin water and spooky fish hiding in snaggy pools. I may have been wrong!! Pools seem to be deep and cleaned out from most snags, fish are holding and the walk was quite enjoyable having to only share the river with a few anglers. Unfortunatley we did run into a DOC officer who chewed up over half hour of our day who my clients found to be rude and un professional whilst not saying who he was nor producing a warrant to be checking licences – no mention of Didymo or cleaning between waterways either?!!

Angler pressure seems to be pretty heavy all over currently with the Hine being the busiest but the Tongariro gathering momentum by the day with winter runs appearing most mornings but also the odd run of silver browns. The usual suspects can be found under the bridge most mornings and certainly again in the afternoons, this can be a good measure of when good runs of trout may be coming in. With a fairly average looking weather pattern over the next week im sure this action will continue for a while yet.

Im sure you have seen DOC’s latest stunt involving trout farming for maori, what a joke!! I doubt this will get legs and wont get to far-fishery managers once again showing licence holders where priorities lie.