Hi all.

Another wet few days ahead for most of the country and indeed rain is falling heavily on the tin roof here in Taupo as I write this (Saturday 12pm). Seems the weather man has got it right and with a bit of luck I hope it stays like it for the weekend. I have always encouraged rain at this time of year as it certainly has a positive effect on moving fresh fish from lake to rivers , totally opposite to summer back country fishing.

Rainy days make for plenty of time to catch up on recorded episodes of tv, tie a few flies for the next outing, spend some family time, write an article and enjoy the warmth of a fire. Writing a blog was once a daily or three times a week event for me but as the years have gone I am aware that I don’t up date so often but spend more time with my son, my wife and of course on the water with my wonderful clients. I am an outdoor guy which finds it hard to sit in the house surfing through all the latest reports and forums filtering all the best bits just to write one myself, Id much rather just be out out gathering my own information and opinions so I can report back to you guys on my personal experiences.   Obviously I cant be everywhere all the time and my experiences are different to others causing some people to disagree, which is fine. All my blogs have been honest and factual based upon my time spent with clients on different rivers. I had a hard day last week on the Tongariro which I reported on (some wouldn’t mention it) but some poor old sods with too much time on their hands find it as an attack on the river and failed to see that it was just me telling about my day and experience, im sure the tongariro has been amazing just like the rest of the taupo fishery this season.  Being one eyed is a poor trait, as a guide I will tell it how it is “spade is a spade” with me unfortunately. At the end of the end of the day I have no business to tell fisherman’s stories about  a day that didn’t happen as that may urge a potential client to go ahead and book a day in hope that it is the same in which I spoke of, I don’t need that pressure. Giving clients options is paramount and there is more than one river flowing  into Taupo despite what some may think.

Guiding so far this winter just like many years before has for me been busy on the smaller rivers towards Taupo, for example the Hine. This river is always the first river to really fire producing the biggest trout and best runs of the taupo fishery, thus being an obvious choice for me and my clients driving from Taupo each day. Anglers come from everywhere to enjoy their sport on this early producing water but will soon slow down with the larger rivers taking the lime light and the bigger runs showing up in waters such as the Tongariro. The Tongariro in recent years has always been a later producing system , runs of fish can be expected right through till December. Obviously with this trend migrating fish this will mean I will spend more time down there in the coming months and right over summer. The NZ Trout Fisher magazine has just been released for the month and outlines just how good the next few months will be, of course I could be wrong and its just my opinion.

Since the last blog I have again spent time on the river with a client from Auckland. Ben drove down on Thursday from Auckland and fished by himself on the TT, he scored two nice fish high in the river and enjoyed the walk to the upper sections. After resting his wary legs at the Sportsmans Lodge in Turangi we meet each other at the Hine for day light on Friday. We went up stream to the second turning and after a few adjustments with terminal tackle Ben had his first fish on the bank after 3 casts. We were lucky , Ben continued to put lovely drifts through a piece of water which has opened up after the latest high water and managed to run 8 out of it. We fished back down river towards the first car park and hit fish in all runs we tried, mixed results while using a small glo bug(lucky I had my glasses on from spec savers) and a Quasimodo but the best results on the glo bug. Hooking fish and landing fish are different stories but we did land 11 and we thought he must have dropped another 10 or so, all in all a productive 5 hours. Fish size (in my opinion) has dropped here but they are still in good condition and about 2-4lb. Early season saw quite a few solid 5-6 pounders caught this is typical of early running fish especially in the jacks.

With rain pounding on the windows and the outlook looking average we should see the rivers fill with fish once again. Talking to farmers we seem to be having a fairly wet winter, the wettest for some years.  If rain continues we may see rivers quite high for a day or two and just maybe unfishable but this wont last long, our rivers clear relatively quickly.

Be lucky

Andrew Christmas