Hi guys

Another band of bad weather is currently upon us and should hang about for a day or two. Today (Monday) was supposed to be the start of a bad week but conditions on the river were perfect with overcast conditions and the odd shower of rain going through. This bout of weather should move fish into most rivers and certainly raise levels on some waters slightly, we are in for a good few days.

I guided on the Hine today and although the middle reaches were full of anglers I managed to secure the limit pool for a few hours where my young clients landed 9 coloured up fish from. The Hine today started of clear and at a nice level but soon became discoloured and a few inches higher by lunch time due to the hydro being let go. This actually moved fish through and made the fishing better, it was like fishing a fresh pool again. Last week was also productive here, fish are currently scattered right through the river, some are fresh , some are coloured up and some have started spawning so avoid disturbing these guys if you can.

After lunch we searched for a new stretch of river that wasn’t to occupied with anglers but ended up right down the bottom below the bridge where we saw no one for the next three hours. The fish were in the river but were not in huge numbers, obviously it was receiving a small run of fresh fish in the overcast conditions but they were not streaming in. We hooked another 5 trout for the afternoon which were fresh silver bullets but only landed one solid jack. I am expecting the runs to be smaller like this for the rest of the season on this river but still heaps of great angling to be had throughout. All in all you will see the fish we are catching could be considered as smaller again, the early running fish in April and May were certainly the best, in saying that you never know when that big one is going to turn up.

Over the past week readership and number of hits on the website has been amazing , great to have such a large readership and we especially welcome the new readers over the past week. Thank you all so much for the kind emails that were received they were all entertaining and warming to say the least, some even turned into bookings for the next few months which Im really looking forward to. Most of all thanks for the supporting phone calls from total strangers supporting my guiding and honest approach to all things, truly overwhelming . I even received a phone call from Davey from Amsterdam, well who would have thought……very nice to hear from the Rainbow warrior himself and to receive an email the next morning , lets save that one for a “rainy day”.

I will be in Turangi in the morning and look forward to fishing the mighty Tongariro after the last 24 hours of disturbed weather, these conditions are perfect to raise fish in from the lake and indeed this fishery will rise above the rest for this time of year. I have a young enthusiastic family to show about so should cover some water pretty quickly and track down a few fresh rainbows.   Although I did read another guides report today and he mentioned that it was a bit hit and miss still, I hope the poor bugger doesn’t get too much of a hard time for that report. Things will be good here in the next few months right through the summer now with spawning fish moving through,  kelts coming back and then the re introduction of more summer browns, bring it on!!