Hi guys

Fishing continues to be productive in most rivers through the Taupo area, some have been on fire to say the least. The weekend just gone was really busy through most rivers after they cleared from heavy flooding. The Tongariro , TT, Hine and a few other smaller waters all were unfishable at some point but are all looking good now and have received good runs of trout. Winter fishing should be at its best for the next couple of months, though the last few months have been pretty special already.

Over the past week I have guided on the Hine, Waitahanui and the Tongariro, all of which have produced trout. I had a huge job on the weekend involving 5 guides and 11 clients where we all fished the Tongariro and did very well in clearing conditions. We fished half the day in the Judges pool which produced both rainbows and browns throughout the afternoon, though we watched a fisherman on the true left struggling. The true right hand side is a popular piece of water and holds plenty of fish currently, this has always been a good bit of river and easy for clients to get their teeth into fly fishing.

Angling pressure over the past few days on the Tongariro has been really pretty hectic, I counted 17 cars in the grace road carpark and 12 in the Red hutt on Saturday-good news for the river nice to see people out and about. Other guides reported vehicles in the Blue pool and Stag pool car parks, standing room only it seems. The Hine, once levels dropped were not much better either, every car park had at least a few cars in it and each bend which had holding water had a fisherman concreted in. Everyone seems to be catching fish and fish seem to be moving so morale between anglers seem friendly and positive.

 I have not been into the TT but I’d say it would be going off over the next few days, some nice water has opened up on this river and you don’t have to walk a mile to get into some of the best of it . Friday I fished with some awesome regular clients from Wellington, we had high water on the Hine and was pretty much un fishable as were some other main rivers so we headed up the Waitahanui. This river has received some good runs of browns lately and some of the upper reaches have good numbers of fish , though they are heavily spawning. We tossed flies at fish on our way up the river and eventually landed two very good winter browns and a two or three small but fresh rainbows. As you can see Karina is super happy with her brown, a true fish of a life time.

It has also been a good season for the glo bug on most rivers , clearing or dirty water are perfect conditions for glo bug patterns and they have been working well, remember to fish them heavy enough. With the river stones being turned over insect life has been prolific and some fish have been gorging themselves on caddis etc. Natural patterns will always work in most conditions and I will usually switch to small naturals as the day goes on. I love using patterns such as Quasimodos, Pt nymphs and UV tied hare and coppers in varying sizes, keeping it simple can be important.

Tommorow we are picking up again from Creel lodge with clients who I have fished with for the past three years, these guys are amazing fisherman and Im expecting we will have a great day locally. I don’t want to over hype the fishing but things are pretty good currently and the floods have only done wonders for our fishery both immediately and for the future.

Stay tuned