Hi guys

I have had a blast on the rivers over the past two weeks with clients, lucky enough to be on the water most days with new and regular clients. I love the winter fishing and I love seeing clients coming back year in year out to experience the fly fishing which we have. I have fished both the Tongariro and the Hine, both have been solid with numbers resulting in great memories. Nymphing has accounted for most trout caught but I did spend a day making Phil swing the wet line which resulted in some solid fish from fast water, its amazing feeling that sold strike from a chrome fish.

Rivers are high again after overnight rain which will certainly push fish into the rivers , TT will be one to watch as this is sure to be on fire just as it was last week. The Tongariro will have good runs through out the week and the odd one will sneak up the Hine as usual. Just a short post tonight as Im knackered and will be on the water again in the morning, better pack tonight.


Great to get feedback from clients, thanks for the testimonial Thomas


“I’ve fished the Tongariro and surrounding rivers for over 15 years, and thought I’d seen it all. Sure, the rivers change from time to time after a flood, but there aren’t too many other surprises for a Taupo angler, right? My most recent day out with Andrew in August 2015 showed me how much I still have to learn, and more importantly, how well Andrew understands the fishery. Andrew took me to a couple of places that I’d literally driven past for many years (but never fished), showed me how to read the different kinds of holding water, how to approach each pool and run, and shared a couple of his secret flies and rigs. We caught many fish, but more importantly I learned a lot from him on that day. It’s reinvigorated my interest in the winter fishery, and I’m looking forward to trying Andrew’s strategies in a few other rivers on my own. A day with Andrew is truly an investment, regardless of your experience. I recommend Andrew without hesitation – he’s Taupo’s #1 trout guide.”


Thomas Andrews


Be safe

Andrew Christmas