Hi guys

Not sure where to start , its been a wee while since we were writing on here. Currently the guiding is really enjoyable with regular clients and overseas tourists rushing in. The warmer weather longer days certainly means more last minute calls at night for the next day, all good jobs. I have found myself busy booking rafting trips and heli trips for my regulars, they seem to know what they want at the right time of year.

Locally the fishing has been enjoyable for most with plenty of fish in most systems especially the bigger waters. Anglers are seeing a lot of spawning fish in rivers such as the Tongariro and the Hine but should expect to still see the odd silver bullet sneaking through late and of course the arrival of the mighty elusive brown trout. Rivers such as the Hine, TT, Tongariro will be soon full of very small trout, river rats to some- they will be easily caught and become a pain for many targeting the best lies for better fish. I have started to see a few browns sitting in the deeper runs down the Tongariro. I will only be a matter of weeks and browns will soon be appearing in anglers catch bags. The early fish should be smaller to a degree but will be in full stride by early new year, very exciting fishing for everyone.

Dry fly seems to be an event worth hanging about for on the right evening on the Tongariro. With late warm evenings here and water temps slowly rising we will be seeing more and more of this fishing. Mayfly, Caddis and Ciacada hatches will all be on the trout’s diet before very long and anglers should see super surface action for good periods on windless evenings.

Currently its not hard to have double figure sessions on the Tongariro. The Tongas would certainly be my local go to river at the moment especially lower to mid reaches. Due to almost summer conditions I am able to fish light and small patterns in the riffles and tails of pools. Plenty of mending fish with the odd silver bullet is making up most of the numbers, in my opinion the runs are nearly all but done and we need another rain and fresh to push the last through and encourage some good numbers of browns to move in. Remember small indicators, smaller flies, longer leaders and confident casting will always add to the numbers for the day. Move about the river , this could be vital. I have seen plenty of anglers lately see a group of spawning fish and spend all day trying to catch them which always just ends up with spooky fish and damaged spawning beds.

Lake fishing has started to make an appearance with warmer water pushing fish to the surface morning and night and supplying good conditions for smelt to breed and become active. Harling has been productive at first and last light with patterns such as Green Orbits, Red Setters and Woolly Buggers. Jigging seems to be most boaties preferred method and rightly so, it is very effective. Speaking to angler John Black not so long ago he did very well in 30 metres of water jigging small smelt patterns. Trout were all in good condition and two or three had plenty of smelt in their guts.

Backcountry has been great for those who have found some good un coloured water. I love to fish down Napier way quite a lot and I know those rivers have been fairy high at times which has made me leave them alone for another month or so. I love remote and new waters and the next few months will be exciting for both me and clients while exploring places which I don’t necessary don’t get to see for months apart. Raft fishing and Heli fishing are truly awesome and a great way to get to water which may not see much pressure, I have a busy schedule for this and will be crossing fingers for good weather.

A must do is the rafting trip on the Upper Tongariro which will be open on the 1st of December. Rafting guys are reporting good numbers in most pools right to the top which means 52 pools of fish which wont have seen an angler for quite sometime. Access into the upper river is very limited and the raft is really the only way in getting to this truly awesome scenery and great angling. The month of December is by far the best month to get involved in fishing this area as trout are still spawning or mending before making their trip back to the lake. The lack of floods over the past couple of months has meant there has been plenty of fish get high in the system which is great for the future of the fishery but also all you fisherman which want to enjoy something special. Get in contact and let me sort it for you asap before you miss out!

See you soon