Hi guys,

What a ripper of a month to be fishing in the North Island and im sure NZ in general. I have been lucky enough to be getting around somewhere most days fishing locally, backcountry, spring hunting and even got the boat out to While Island to get some awesome King fish. Guiding has been fantastic and we have had a very early start to another busy summer on local rivers.

I really don’t have the time to report on every guide I have done over the past month but we have not done too much time on the water with no action, spring, summer fishing has been very good for everyone and anglers are enjoying hooking up to a mixed bag of trout.

Backcountry fish are in great condition and reacting well to the perfect drift while nymphing or presenting that small dry in the foam line. I have been making the most of some of these areas as unfortunately they are about to get a hard time from the Christmas New Year season with anglers and campers free from work commitments. Public areas see a lot of action over this period from all methods of fishing and I have seen too many trout killed over the years which will have an effect for a wee while afterwards. Backcountry rivers are more than often sensitive to fishing pressure and killing of resident trout. Water levels for the most part are perfect currently as we have not had any large amounts of rain for some time, this could work out to be a very dry summer which will have an impact on where fish lie and how spooky they will become.

Taupo region for me has been awesome though I must admit to only fishing the Tongariro. There are plenty of trout through most sections of this river especially in the knee deep riffles which are holding well. I have seen a real mixed bag over the past couple of months with heaps of spawning fish, mending fish and the odd small silver bullet. Last week we caught our first brown for this water which was nice to see, it was only small but indicates the start of their arrival which will continue through the summer months.

While fishing the riffles mentioned I have been keeping things very simple using light nymphs, 10 foot leader and a small sliding indicator to reduce any risk of spooking trout on a bright day. Spotting and casting to your fish on a bright day is awesome fun and given the right light conditions should be very effective. Move slowly through your water and look deep into the rocks, there are generally a lot more fish holding than people actually think and it should not be unusual to take ten fish from a bubbly, well oxygenated run at this time of year.

Last week I had an afternoon like no other when we came across a huge may fly hatch late one afternoon in the upper river. Similar water to what we have just spoke about we were able to hook over 15 fish in 20 metres of water using a dry and dropper set up. Most were caught on the nymph under the dry but about 5 fish were brave enough to take from the surface which indicates a great summer ahead. Events like this are hard to find and hard to judge but just occasionally you are in the right place at the right time and was able to leave the river with huge smiles.

Angling pressure has been up and down and infact Im seeing more guides with anglers than anglers by themselves, this is normal for November and in my opinion a good time to get on the river. Spring conditions can be spot on with bright sunny days, plenty of fish active and perfect temperatures to walk the river but you might  hit a day which blows all day and upsets your casting abilities. I think we are in for a bit of wind this season given the forecast of dry conditions……time will tell. Now….is a good time to be angling guys, id almost say you cant miss…..but I wont.

Next week Im flying into the Mohaka for a few days so fingers crossed for some more nice days and low water in there. This is actually one river system that has had a bit of rain and has been running high but should still fish well given the amount of water we have booked and the relatively early season. Overnight trips in the huts provided are always great fun and I cant wait, will give a report next week for you.

Thanks guys