Deer Hunting

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Fly fishing is our main business and our main love in life and what we certainly do best, but after 8 years of fly fishing and testing the water with other outdoor options I am really happy to be able to offer all my clients the opportunity to hunt Red deer in a safe environment. The option to hunt can be part of a selected package with fishing and accommodation or it could be just a day hunt with the objective to put meat in the freezer. Putting meat in the freezer is a very good feeling and a kiwi way of life. To be able to hunt safely in a controlled environment certainly has been popular especially with father and son days out. Certainly a proud moment for Dad seeing his son hunt his first deer and provide for the family. Check out Vern and Samuel Hines’ deer hunting experience in Testimonials.

While meat hunting is what we specialize in we certainly have some very large Red Stags which can be taken over the “roar” period. We like these hunts to be multiple days so we can ensure we get the right animal for you and give you the best experience possible with all the adrenaline that goes with roaring in a angry Stag.
Our hunting block consists of thick native bush with grassy clearings scattered throughout which makes for awesome close up encounters with ideal stalking options. This country offers bow hunters great opportunities of getting close enough to deer for kill shots but also easy hunting for inexperienced rifleman.  The country is fairly steep, with some challenging terrain to cover but most averagely fit hunters will find the going fairly easy or as expected. This block is totally private and safe to you and your hunting party. I will be the only guide ever in this hunting block so I can ensure that you are alone while stalking in this block which ensures that your hunting is as safe as possible.

Our block holds a large number of Red and Fallow deer and most days you can nearly be guaranteed a kill, at least you will get the chance to take an animal. It sounds easy……but the block still needs to be hunted you can not just stroll through the under growth and expect to see a deer standing there waiting for you. Deer are very smart and will smell you coming a mile away so full stealth mode is needed and good guide decisions made to get in on these animals. Your guide will be able to run you through some history of the area, train you in safe management of a weapon, guide your hunt, prepare your kill for butchering and make sure the experience is just what you wanted. In most cases I will drop the animal to the butchery for you and you can request what happens to it after then. If you have shot a Stag of a lifetime we will ensure justice is done to the animal and the best taxidermist is arranged to begin mounting your animal asap.

There will always be a guide fee for your day hunting, much the same as fishing. There is a kill fee also which will vary between species of deer but also between meat animal and trophy animals and multiple meat animals can be taken in the same day. Remember that we can provide meat hunting any time of the year but Trophy Stag hunts are only available from March onwards – until they cast their rack. Ideal time will be the roar which may only run for 5-6 weeks between end of March and end of April. Bookings are essential and costs vary between size of animals.

Multi day hunts are available and we have a great cabin available to use located on the block with all the creature comforts. Some years ago we established this facility and have fine tuned it for couples or father son hunts for which some creature comforts are desirable. Our cabin sleeps four people, powered by generator and gas cooking facilities. A fully running high pressure shower at the end of the day is vital before sitting down with a beer while cooking a BBQ on the deck. There is a large wood burner which will heat all night if necessary.

As night falls there are options we can entertain ourselves with if you have not had enough of chasing around the bush. We do have a small problem with Hares and Rabbits and you are welcome to hunt these free of charge and help us get rid of them. Other small game include Peacock and Turkey. Keen fly fisherman may want these birds’ feathers for fly tying.